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Stuff Values - Alcohol Is All Bad - Unless It Is Sponsored Content!

Stuff has a more than obvious incoming series from public health wowsers looking at how bad the results of "crate day" are on society.  Alarmist comment follows: Last Saturday the ED saw five people with alcohol-related injuries. On crate day in 2018 there were 29, while at last year’s event there were 23 injuries. Huge, how will they cope with all those beds kept aside for the next Covid outbreak! Stuff found all the wowsers and put them together in one piece.  They want the event banned. Pearson is among a group including ED staff, police, councils, Māori health advocates and public health workers who would like the event banned. I bet. However Stuff then has a section "food and wine".   Littered with dubiously confusing potential sponsored content, that is right, for food, wine and beer. Giant puff piece follows. Then this.  A plug. And if you stop there you will not see this. What? Paid content........No apparently that leads to the content below that. Yay, booz

The Black Caps Twelfth Man - Ashley Bloomfield

  Excellent job Dr Bloomfield. The Pakistan team has no respect for any rules at the best of times.  They are one of the most hated teams in Cricket.   Shoaib Akhtar,  upset the New Zealand public with his comments.  Those stupid enough not to know that he is an often banned for bad attitude, drug cheat who was famously dumped from the 2009 world cup squad for having genital viral warts and the PCB hated him so much they released the private information to the world. And better still, India who own the game currently, hate them.  Locking them up longer than they normally would have because they have broken the rules will be pleasing the Indians no end. The travelling party of 53 were pre-tested, 10 have got the Chinese plague. "Rather than being in their own rooms which is the requirement for the first three days until that first test comes back, there was some mingling in the hallways, chatting, sharing food and not wearing masks which was obvious on the CCTV footage." Shari