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New Zealand 2020 Race Relations Today As Described By Wiremu Workman

This is young Wiremu.  He posted this glorious expletive rant after missing out on a job as a truckie because of his past.  He did his time, paid the price and is expecting to get a job as a truck driver. Fortunately Wiremu now happily has a job which is great, good on him.  It’s hard when you’ve been in jail for drug supply to then be trusted to be given a job driving trucks all around the place. He’s done well.   However his is a cautionary tale about paying plenty out for your past and still having to deal with it today.  Many New Zealanders do not have the luck of Wiremu and seem to not be able to do the time and pay for the alleged crime.  He starts with: "In July I got parole “I didn’t fuck up”, what’s the month now, November?" More than 20 years ago - When the fine was $1b "I was working hard to get my truck licence back that cost me $1800 to fast track learners to class 4." Finlayson hurried to get through the back end of the sentence "It took some ti