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D'Arcy Waldegrave Takes Both Knees - I Shall Not

D’Arcy almost went there.  He almost did. This here was such a needed column.   D’Arcy has opened the gateways to a "conversation" we all need to have in sports. D'Arcy then remembered he had to pay the rent/mortgage/child support/kids.  He remembered the woke twitter bullies.  He remembered his own family. He didn't quite tell the whole truth. And did not wish to be cancelled. I have no such worries as I have subjected myself to enough of the bastardisation of politically correct commentary already this summer. So I shall write up a post of the few worthy and many worthless contributions thus far to the sporting seasons. I mourn back to the loss of Henry Blofeld.  Along with Coney/Waddle/Smith when the team were fabulous.    Hadlee, Crowe (RIP).    Mark Reason had a good go at explaining this.   Since then we have taken a giant leap backwards.  Richie Benaud has died, Blowers is grounded, #metoo took care of Boycott. Gower and Botham were nuked.  There is no substitu