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Stuff Finally Allows Debate on Climate - As Long As You Are Maori

In September I wrote about the attempted Brown Lives Matter coup at Waikato University.  There has yet to be an update as Wira and Hekia are running up the hours.  In the piece I profiled a noted Maori astronomer who argued clocks were a symbol of colonial oppression making it all the more amusing Maori MP's lately have taken to wearing hats in Parliament.  A most English of tradition. Well roll on another month and another example.  This time we have a chap called Dr Dan Hikuroa, a senior lecturer in the Maori Department at the University of Auckland.  First show stopper.  Stuff appears to have dumped journos and replaced them with stenographers. "As told"?  Is this Eloise's get out of jail free card when people like myself read this, put their hands in the head and wonder what the hell s/he was on about? So Dr Dan wishes to apply Maori thinking to climate change.  No harm in that so let us roll with it.  Remember this week however that Jacinda Ardern in her Climate