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Astoria Closes - No Greater Symbol of 2020 Wellington

  First up it had Chinese offshore owners, a group in society known for a lot of things, good coffee and western cafe food are definitely not two of them: Founding owners Sue Dempsey and Janice Kirkwood wove themselves into the very fabric of the place, so when in 2016 they sold Astoria to the Yu Group, owned by China-based Yuteng Zheng, it could never stay the same. Wellington derangement syndrome: So why then is Yu Group closing the place down? Apparently because it can’t or won’t raise the price of their coffee.  No money in coffee? Tell that to the other 299 daytime cafes around Wellington.  Market saturation?  Never.  Wellington surely can support everyone opening a cafe!  Perhaps the Yu Group bought the place solely for cashflow in their portfolio? Underperformers are shut down. But no, we will leave the last word (as usual) to a public servant from the Ministry of Womens Affairs, Bindu Armstrong. "I just don't understand. It's always packed. I wouldn't mind payi