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Israel Adesanya And Friends Dare Question The Team of Five Million

This was always going to happen.  Izzy has had enough.    I have posted on him before. In an excellent rant, he raises some great points.  However is using the mental health of others to protect his own wholesomeness.  The boys have had enough of this shit and are not going to take it anymore. In doing so has highlighted a burning question I have been asking - how can the Pakistan and West Indian cricket teams be asked to isolate and away from each other when these athletes are practising their MMA in a room together!  In November I wrote: They all went to Abu Dhabi for championship fights and arrived back in New Zealand at the start of October.  I do not quite know how this worked with isolation and the rules, but they seem to have all had special treatment.  They were not isolating in a room solo that is for sure.  They had exercise and training equipment right down to the bikes.  I digress. If MMA athletes can train in a "bubble" then why cannot all sportspeople?  A journa