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No One Cares About Yachting - Yet Everyone Will Watch Tomorrow

Tomorrow is the day everyone in New Zealand dusts off their yachting expertise and pretends to be a supporter of Emirates Team New Zealand. Everyone will stop whinging about how much the event cost.  They will stop whinging about Grant Dalton. And they will once again be glued to every move on the water every afternoon for the foreseeable future. It is a boring ritual by New Zealand and New Zealanders of being in and out of love with yachting.  Of pretending to not like it for every period in time other than the event of the AC where the '"team of five million" slap on their red socks and find villains in Spithill and the dull Dean Barker. This year will be particularly obscene as the "haves" will be glowing more than ever in Auckland smugly in their newly unrealised wealth in their one or many homes , while the poverty action groups pretend that Jacinda Ardern has not walked on water and eliminated child poverty and the need for food banks. Confused? Yes you wi