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No Rod Duke - You Are Just A Bit Of A C***

  Everyone clicking here knows I am a far-right, filthy capitalist, extremist blogger.  Happy to wear that tag. It’s always good for a broader education to put yourself in the shoes of the unions we have to oppose the political philosophies of. I’m open to reading everything on the internet.  I have told you before that I read everything I can. If I claim as an insult that someone is a dirty capitalist c***. Then I am (not) sorry. He or she is.  I have never seen a better example than Rod Duke.  I have internationally seen them and I’ve worked and then not worked for them. Rod Duke however is absolutely outrageous to the point I was checking this was all a parody. This has to be the worst example I’ve seen in New Zealand and we are looking at many examples dating through the Fay Richwhite years.  If I worked for Rod Duke right now I would be looking to walk out forthwith. Making sure he paid the final fee of course.  He is just dreadful. How can people turn up to work tomorrow after r