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The Warehouse Finally Put Their Big Boy Pants On

  Isn't that nice to end the year on. Sales in the first quarter of the new financial year for the group increased by 6.3 per cent and now stand up 6.6 per cent year to date compared to the same period last year. The Warehouse, that multi-millionaire Stephen Tindall owns almost 50% of, has repaid your cash. I have posted on this issue before here. They have had yet another bumper year after shedding 1080 jobs and closing stores.

Please Do Not Give Us A False Dawn

There’s nothing in the world I love more than Cricket. I will write more about this when I have to tell you all about how ghastly 2020 has been. It brings me however total joy today that currently we have one of the world’s three best batsmen in our ranks in Kane Williamson. Kohli and Smith being interchangeable.  I did not even comment when Kane (cough) left the team to watch his missus pop out a baby. I mean what does a man do in this situation? Clap? Pay the Bill? In the 70’s I’m sure my father was out milking cows as this happened or doing other suitably malestuff, I never asked what happened, I just assumed this and could not care less. There’s nothing after all he could have contributed of any use at all.  If he was a world class cricketer I would have asked him when I was old enough to understand, just wtf was he thinking staying there with my mother watching the pain of child birth while the nation needed him in more pressing matters. Especially if I was sitting in a late model