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Leighton Smith Podcast Proves Why NZ Politics Misses Richard Prebble

Richard Prebble is easily one of the most brilliant minds that New Zealanders have elected to Parliament. He is also a fabulous communicator with a gift of explaining the complex.  He has intergenerational institutional knowledge of Parliament and is as entertaining as they come. During his time in ACT you never talked when Prebble was speaking.  Primarily because he was just so fun and with it educated, but also arguing with him would have been bad for your health.  There was not a lot the guy didn't know and I never saw him lose an argument with anyone even if he didn’t.  Leighton Smith runs a class podcast so I always make a habit of playing them when out on a long walk if he has a good subject.  His recent one with Prebble is magnificent.  More so that unlike modern day podcasters and younger broadcasters, Smith knows when to STFU and just let the subject talk.  There is no butting in, no fast energy trying to monopolise the interview.   I don't remember what Smith said at

Covid Shows Why New Zealand Needs A One Passport Law

Today Jacinda Ardern did the smart thing.  Well done. She effectively temporarily created two classes of person in New Zealand with residency rights. Citizens, and; Those with residence rights. I am a New Zealand passport holder and citizen.  I hold no other passport.  After going through seven years in Hong Kong and proving I was not going to bring over my family and sponge off their limited welfare system,  I received a permanent residency card. I do not care much to have the card and would give it up if I had to and apply for more temporary work visas, which may happen if the Mainland yanks them when they wish.  I choose not to vote in their elections, I do not access any of  their public health, education or welfare system.  New Zealand allows people to hold dual passports.  Most western countries do.  We all know some tosser who claims to have three passports.  All for entirely selfish reasons of course due to welfare rights, ease of travel, access to something for free for them o

Nanaia's Bird's Nest Word-Soup

Good grief.   The word-soup in this one is unbelievable to comprehend when English is your first language, let alone as the Chinese where it is not.  The muddling of metaphors is horrific and not some sort of genius so clever that you have to say it is, else look foolish.   It is not clever, it is incomprehensible garbage and batshit crazy.  Someone needs to tell the Empress quick smart that she is wearing no clothes.  This whole world that she and other self styled elite Maori live in as alleged "orators", reminds me of children with their own club rules speaking in gibberish on their play-fort.  It is not real, beautiful or that important to adults.  It is just petty, annoying and embarrassing when those up the tree are not children. Also, the whole thing is not even original to Mahuta.  Manying Ip wrote a book on it  in 2009. The media have not even managed a simple google of the words before gushing over it and falling at the feet of Mahuta in an attempt to line up their

Wake Me Up When Corporates Bring Back Beauty

  Yes well just out of principle we will not be ordering this Adidas true purpose medium support bra.  Go woke go broke. One cannot unsee this. Shave woman, shave.

Best News Of The Week - The Chump Is Dumped

Thank the lord, praise be.  The world is slowly returning to normal. The whole "better as friends" that woman suffer through the humiliation of his bad behaviour just in know...... they need something in the future.  Not very feminist or Queen-like. Do not just burn that bridge J-Lo, blow it up on your way out after you have covered it with battery acid. Three words for her -  Can Do  Better

Poto's Popo Letting Gangs Now Shoot Up Viaduct Hotels

The Herald understands members of the Head Hunters opened fire after coming across members of the Mongols in the Sofitel, sparking an armed police callout, in an act of violence which police suspect could be retribution for the Mongols suspected of opening fire on the Head Hunters gang pad early Sunday morning. Police Minister Poto Williams said it was also her understanding that the incident at the hotel was linked to a feud between the Mongols and the Head Hunters gangs. The spin is that these evil 501's are upsetting everything in New Zealand and before they arrived our lads were a bunch of nice misunderstood choirboys.  Which is of course bullshit.  The traditional New Zealand gangs do not like the competition in terrorising the public with their patches and turf, and have orchestrated a hate campaign against the 501 gangs.  All whom right-minded New Zealanders think are just as scum as the traditional New Zealand gangs. The reality is Poto Williams is the softest token trifect

New Zealand Women - Have A Cup Of Concrete

Most of you are happy to line up to do this at least once in your life regardless of your race, culture, background...often sexual orientation....... There is not a more invasive procedure, lacking often in dignity, than pushing the head and then body of a baby out of the minge with everyone in sundry watching, commenting and encouraging you to push harder. These days the husband sometimes even films it for you, just so you can remember how your body was punished. Yet have a cervical smear test? Really? That is a total doddle compared to what has happened to you above.  You need your hand held, another million or ten in funding, a political point made,  alternative commentary from a woman of every race just to keep up the sensitivity and a week of highly emo crap all over social media? For something the relative size and comfort of this...... Harden up.  No excuses actually means no excuses. If you are not getting a regular smear test, own total personal responsibility and admit it is

Sometimes It Just Takes An Establishment Middle Aged White Male .......

The media appear to have buried poor Kiri Allan already after her diagnosis of stage 3 cancer.  The writings have resembled OTT eulogies which is a bit ridiculous as she clearly is not dead yet.  Far from it. One such caught my eye as I was reading more about her: It was a chance encounter, while working at a bar in Auckland, that changed Allan’s path in life. Before that “university was not really on my radar”. Allan describes two men who would come into the bar, Grand Central on Ponsonby Rd in Auckland, where she was working in the early 2000s. ”And this guy would come into the bar once a month, and have these very flamboyant discussions. “Sometimes he'd bring in his friends that had studied at these very fancy universities like Harvard and Stanford. When you work in a bar, everyone's got a bit of a yarn, but you take it all with a bit of a grain of salt. “Anyway, this guy, he then started sending books to my bar from his work and enrolment packs to study law at Otago Univers

The Guardian Says Labour Is Making Your Mental Health Worse

  Ouchy. New Zealand’s mental health system is “in crisis” and in worse shape now than four years ago, practitioners say – despite much-heralded government efforts to reform it and prioritise national wellbeing. Ouchy. Hurty feelings. When Ardern was leading her first election campaign in 2017, she made it a central election issue. Ouchy. Hurty feelings. Yet another broken promise. Andrew Campbell will be making a few calls..... The left appear to be shaking and stirred. In disarray it is claimed.    

So Once Again - Who Else Knew?

 Following on from yesterday, back in December 2019 I blogged the following questions: I want to know the following from journalists without the experience of any relationship with Brierley or his media minders and handlers: 1. Who tipped the authorities off in August?  Dirty.....where from? Why?  Motive?  Or was it an Apple shop employee? 2. Why would you possess "child pornography" when it is available online like everything else dirty, for streaming?  Carrying it across a jurisdiction is akin to Shane Jones watching pay per view porn when he should have just logged in to the wifi.  Like taking coal to Newcastle or coke to Colombia? 3. He is 82, who put it on his USB or "external drive"? Because I know of NO 82 year old who even understands what a USB stick or external drive is? For the hundreds of millions of dollars he is worth - who is or was protecting him? People of Sir Ron's wealth and age have an attache, butler or PA.  Moreso in Sydney than Auckland, t

One Down One To Go While One Lies In The Ground

Jacinda Ardern has jumped the populist gun somewhat prior to sentencing and sent a letter to Ma'am suggesting an 83 year old man into jerking off to kiddie porn be stripped of his Knighthood.   The Royal family who hand the Titles out harbour their own predator.  Prince Andrew, who is currently  ignoring a MLA treaty so will not set foot in the USA for fear of having to answer some difficult questions about his relationship with oh you know....a man who sex trafficked minors! Who would you want around your young teenage daughter? An octogenarian hunched over his computer or Prince Andrew in the flesh? Do not fear,  Ardern will have the pleasure again very shortly of doing it all again for a contributor to the luvvie community and funder of many of the activities her supporters hold dear.  Let us hope she acts as swiftly for he is guilty of something far worse than jerking over some pictures when the same material is freely available to anyone looking hard enough on the filthpit tha