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The Real Winners Of The Covid-19 Response So Far - Israel

New Zealanders think they're pretty cool right now. On summer holidays espousing how wonderful the country is.  Well it is, in summer, when everyone goes to the beach and very few New Zealanders head overseas.   They're at home at the beach, on holidays in boats, cars and baches paid for by Robbo printing billions of dollars so that they have jobs and businesses and homes.  Without printing this cash many would now be homeless, jobless and their small businesses in complete tatters. Trademe would be full of second hand boat and car sales.  The market would be melting down. This right now is the ONLY statistic that matters in the winning country in the Covid response. This is the only game in town. New Zealand you will note.  Is not even on the board. So where are the vaccines? The NZ Twatterati are ridiculing Boris and their response to Covid. Well the UK will be done, dusted, and open for business before NZ sticks its first needle through the flesh of Chloe Swarbrick’s great g