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Ardern Should Apologise To Samoans In New Zealand

In December these were the headlines   Today Somehow the Samoans have negotiated in a superior manner to New Zealand and got their large mitts on a Covid vaccine first. The funny bit will be when Samoans in New Zealand fly to Samoa, get the jab and then want to come back to New Zealand and The Labour Computer will say "no", hi-ho it is off to quarantine and $3,100++ you go. Look at all the cash Nanaia Mahuta has put aside to help the Island neighbours get vaccines. Perhaps Labour need to ask Samoa if New Zealand can buy some of the vaccine from them! The ugly truth is that Samoans in Samoa have not worried much about risk factors to Covid such as obesity for decades.  The health of the people on the Island is just as bad collectively as Samoans living in New Zealand.  It is their own fault they so desperately need the jab. The Samoan PM, a picture of terrible health himself, knows this and has done absolutely everything he can to get the jab first. Let us see after the rollou