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The Reserve Bank's Bold Answer To The Housing Crisis - Diversity!

I think I have finally found myself the perfect job.  It is extraordinary that in a day and age of Covid with the private sector having to cut back and rationalise their workforces, that a position like this is deemed essential, no doubt with a six figure salary attached and absolutely zero recognisable KPI's. There is no way anyone could possibly stuff up this job.  No way. It is written like they already have a candidate to give it to.  Just meaningless and senseless.  The job of the Reserve Bank remember is to maintain the New Zealand financial system, operate monetary policy, manage foreign reserves, issue currency, operate financial markets and monitor and supervise banks and financial institutions.  All of which is rather colourblind to everything but money. I attach with my indented and italicised narrations as we go....The New Zealand Taxpayers Union could well look at promoting a complete hiring freeze in the public sector for non-essential positions.  This is just absurd.