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All Black Reserve Halfback's Wife Still Does Not Get It

As a patriotic New Zealander I chose around June last year not to return for my annual summer vacation to New Zealand.  This was particularly fortunate as it has coincided with my good friends at Ports of Auckland being so tragically inept that champagne appears to be sitting for months on end in the harbour.   We all know that however is fake news.  There is always champagne around. I posted at the beginning of the woman made Covid crisis in March 2020 that if you loved your country you would stay the f*** away from the weird social experiment that Covid Cindy is placing the nation under. So when I see the All Black Reserve Halfback's wife returning to New Zealand the same week that   poor Trevor Ponting had to plead via media to return to see his mother one last time before he died of brain cancer, I had to check her silly privilege at the door. Let us get the timeline. In October 2020, TJ Perenara, All Black reserve halfback, announces he is off to Japan for a quick buck sabbat