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National Need To Decide Who They Are

Today was a total disgrace in the history of the National Party. There are no votes for National in Ratana, radical Maori or then anything to do with Waitangi.  Why they even bother attending is a mystery for the political step dance for their annual humiliation. Maori of the beltway jump up and down and then snigger at the Duke of Marlborough over piles of the Jesus juice about the wokeness of every Pakeha who bother to visit.  This year was the worst I can recall. Moreso that I expected better from Judith Collins. Maori at Waitangi suck up to National when they are in government, National fall for it.  When they are in Opposition they are chopped liver.  Waitangi does not represent all Maori.  It represents as it always has - left wing or more radical elements of Maori. Most middle class Maori simply roll their eyes and get on with life. It is a political foxtrot that if you participate in you deserve to land on your ass. Judith Collins sat at Waitangi today and could not speak becau

Thank God Maori Finally Decided On A Date

In September 2020 I wrote this post:  Why more “experts” and general fable gatherers? Oh and perhaps Siouxsie to put her two cents worth in. To understand this latest moneywha taniwha, the individuals will need to be paid handsomely for this working group, flights, accommodation and Koru memberships, so not to offend Maori who cannot agree on its date.  Oh and the taniwha needs to be tamed with its own expert Maori astrologer. Seriously?  Just pick a bloody date for them Cindy after asking your overpaid underworked Maori MP’s you have  hidden during the media Covidfest and get on with it.  There’s no reason the holiday can’t kick in at 2021.  Finally we have a date. June 24th.  Next year. To coincide politically with being announced at Waitangi by the Prime Minister.  During her "non-political" speech. Now for accountability can we have a detailed breakdown of the cost of this "consultancy" to get this date? Who received it and how they are related to Labour's