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The Pronoun - The New Tattoo

A person I greatly respect, once gave me a sage piece of advice - never hit someone with a tattoo.  His rationale was that the tattoo is an excellent permanent mark on a person solely allowing you to actively avoid them.  If someone has had a tattoo then they can put up with a level of pain you will not be able to dish out if you hit them. Roll on to 2021 and we have the pronoun. So the alphabet soup of people labelled LGBTQIA (plus??) have survived as long as they have, fought as many battles as they have including those in concentration camps, have been in a perpetual fight for equal rights across the world - to find a fucking absent pronoun cause for anxiety? Come on. Yes I remember reading that at Auschwitz it was a big thing when the guys in the office got the pronouns wrong on the ledger book.  Upset the Jewish trans community greatly. These are people today who get anxiety having the cat jump up on their knee without an invitation such is their preciousness. So much so "th

Why Does Jacinda Ardern Think So Little Of South Auckland?

Why do Jacinda Ardern and Labour stick on the panic button when there is a community case in South Auckland? Seriously. (Finally Toby Manhire tweets something amusing - hubris). She left the Big Gay Out to fly to Wellington to speak with Cashley Doomfield. Really? So much for zoom and climate change. I wonder if Air NZ offered her one of the last biscuits and lollies? Never fear Siouxsie Wiles is about to “bake” again as she’s come out in stress hives. Breaking Bad returns folks! Christ imagine how New Zealand business owners are feeling right now wondering how long this nonsense is going to continue for? Stress hives?  How about all the elderly who can barely operate their mobile phones at the best of times getting an unsolicited emergency text from Captain Panic Pants locking down?  Come on Siouxsie it costs you nothing to keep up this hysteria.  Being a conservative and screaming lockdown every time you run another strand of pink hair dye into your locks, does not actual stress mak