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Prada Luna Rossa Not In New Zealand To Fuck Spiders

  Prada are sick of hearing Jacinda Ardern throw press conferences of doom as much as many now are in New Zealand. There is no covid spread in the community outside of those reported. None. Total over-reaction and no reason why there can’t be crowds watching the Cup right now .  The difference is Prada have the capacity and balls to do something about it. Clearly the Poms are playing for extra time, ACE and Team NZ are desperate for some more as well.  They should not be. Auckland's weather will be rapidly deteriorating and another week for the main regatta will be Icebreaker time for the elite out on the sponsors boats. Team NZ are behaving like cheap tarts in cheering on their new sugar daddy in the very minted Poms.  Having danced with the last sugar daddy in Bermuda in Prada. Some of the history of now hate is explained here. Prada, within the rules put their foot down and said level 2, stuff the crowds they can all watch it on TV like everyone back home, and quite rightly are