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Grant Robertson Attempts To Gaslight Peter Williams

  Absolutely disgraceful behaviour here from the Deputy PM.   The gaslighting must immediately cease of anyone daring to go even slightly off the fawning cash for comment that $55m of funding NZ media. The New Zealand Government will now only agree to appear on "owned" media. At least Scomo is getting funding for media from alternative sources, Ardern has put them all on the payroll. I will not even link the nonsense at the Comms Office of the Government, Stuff, I will republish Peter Williams piece found here.   All reasonable bloggers who believe in free speech should do the same. Peter Williams is the host of Magic Talk Mornings, weekdays 9 am -midday. OPINION: I know that on my radio show we sometimes upset and offend people. In return, I cop quite a few insults as well. I’m not bothered. It’s called freedom of expression. That’s one of the privileges we get living in a country like New Zealand. We are free to think and discuss pretty much what we want.  So on Thursday m