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Now Is Not A Good Time To Be A "Prominent Businessman"

I had a post all ready to rock on this then bugger, discovered it was not just in front of the unflappable Venning J., it is a jury trial. What a clusterfuck of the highest order. Can't wait for the Netflix series and can't wait until the Jury are out when we can all mercilessly mock the proceedings for what they are worth.  It will also be fascinating to see how the "prominent businessman" is treated, guilty or not guilty of the allegations here, in the community for which he is a major (read major) benefactor to some of the most woke people around. On Thursday, the jury was also played part of a secretly recorded meeting at Auckland’s Family Bar between the witness, his female associate and the businessman's manager, where the failure of the attempt and further plans were discussed. It surely cannot get much more amusing than clandestine recorded meetings in Family Bar with the expectation of privacy of dealings! 

Chris Hipkins Says Polynesians Too Poor For Queenstown

Imagine if anyone other than a Labour MP engaged in this sort of casual racism?   The outcry.  The demands for not just an apology but de-platforming and a resignation. Hipkins responded: "I think in regard to the latter part of the question, the member might like to consider how many of the people from those countries would be spending their money in Queenstown."   Hipkins later defended the remarks, telling Newshub: " Generally speaking, people from those countries aren't spending huge amounts of money in the tourist resorts of Queenstown." Hipkins said he didn't have any data to back up his claims. He admitted making "a bit of an assumption" about Pacific people.  There you go - Pacific people.  It all slipped out under pressure. All too hopeless and poor to have any cash to splash in Queenstown.   That is what Labour have always thought of the Pacific community.   Too stupid to follow Covid instructions so need a lockdown to keep them from fr