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Case M For Muppet - Lucky He Wasn't A White Accountant

  Why do these muppets always go to the pharmacy?  It is not like this chump went to work when he should not have, you can understand then at some level. I mean - it is like they are feeling sick or something. But let us cut to the chase - the financial cost of this lockdown. Not from someone who behaved responsibly and was innocent in spreading the Chinese plague, but someone who did everything Cashley Doomfield and Aunty Cindy have asked the flock of 5 million not to.  So Case M for Muppet has cost the taxpayers $4-500 million over the next seven days. #bekind. Last week an accountant was sentenced for $170,000 in tax evasion after he didn't like dealing with the IRD. He instead sentenced Sinclair to six months of home detention, 150 hours of community work, and ordered him to pay the $138,000 in reparation upon receiving the money from his cousin's estate. There will be special post-release conditions for six months after Sinclair finishes his detention. So in New Zealand yo