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The Cult Of Ashley Bloomfield - Cabinet Ministers Now Interviewing Him!

This is outrageous. Well not quite as outrageous as blatant political activist Susanna Wiles nominated for Kiwibank New Zealand of the Year.  The British Pink Panther has robbed Mittens the Wellington cat of his chance to take the well deserved prize for attempting valiantly to spread covid daily around middle age and elderly female admirers in Wellington.  Alas not even the mighty Mittens can spread the tricky virus or its highly contagious variants as Wellington is not cool enough to have sniffed a case in what seems to be 17 years ago when two women did a rental car runner.  Ashley Bloomfield is supposed to be a public health official.  A civil servant and a high ranking one.  He is very well paid for the once in a lifetime opportunity that the job requires a lot of overtime.  Civil servants are not meant to be politicised. It is not his fault that he is being used like this.  He needs to blink three times on screen next time so right thinking people can save him from his captors.