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Even Labour Funded Stuff Now Reporting The Truth About $56m Of Non Covid Comms With Maori

 The other day I posted this:   Labour have given Maori $56m of printed funds you will all need to repay, to help with Covid.  Some would have been earmarked for Communications by expensive consultant friends of those dishing the moolah out.  Where the hell has it gone? What have they actually done to communicate with Maori and how has that fail so much that it has prompted having to have Dr Bloomfield lose his dignity talking about tea bagging? It appears it has been trousered. The Woke Stuff have even said this.  A year on from the first case in Aotearoa  New Zealand, the Government is still developing a Covid-19 communications plan specifically for Māori. It comes as the roll-out of Covid-19 communications to Māori has been criticised as mana-trampling, reactive and rushed by some of those tasked with doing the work. A YEAR! And the fools are still working out how to talk to Maori about the absolute non-threat to them that Covid is.  A current trougher, Te Whenua Titewhai Te Hoia Hi

Maori Royalty Will Not Get Any Whiter Will It?

Apparently the Royals are instantly racist for an allegation by a mentally ill American actress who talks about killing herself, and her mentally ill husband, who once wore a Nazi uniform and shagged his way around Las Vegas.  That allegation was that an unnamed person asked what shade their child will be. It is not the Queen or (surprisingly) Prince Philip.  The whole scene is one where a fully fit Philip would have been a prime contender to have dropped the clanger. Given what we know about Prince Harry and the allegations surrounding his mother's shagging at the time of his birth, one would suspect "The Institution" might have asked similar questions especially when he turned out ginger. But moving on....... The Maori Party have taken the opportunity to take a swipe at The Crown. Debbie Ngarewa-Packer was asked about her feelings towards the bombshell interview with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex which levelled allegations of racism against the royal family. "Well