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Will ZB Now Eat Its Own Like The Sooks At Mediaworks?

It is great to see that finally adult members of the New Zealand mainstream have grown a pair and put political correctness and the wokey pokey to one side and calling it how they see it. The cringing colosseum of state funded Media Wokewatch finally caught the Twitterati up with the glorious entertainment we have sunned ourselves in on the centre right of politics all week - Newstalk ZB.  Now ZB is hardly centre right, I would call it centre at best and at times woke itself.  I do however acknowledge that I may not be the best judge of political moderation on the spectrum as most person are so far left of me I cannot see them without binoculars. Digital blackface! Wokewatch takes a swipe at Kate Hawkesby for essentially doing her damn job, which is light comment about current events as a good warm up act for her talented husband.  Meghan Markle is not happy about being any off screen husband's warm up act and has made herself the current event. But even its obsession couldn’t con

Scomo About To Cut Cindy's Bubbly Lunch With Singapore

Scomo is sick of waiting for Jacinda Ardern and her bunch of pet "expert" cowards to decide to open a two way bubble with Australia. He has come up with a genius plan to a) outsource his MIQ problems and b) show up Jacinda Ardern once and for all.  By inviting New Zealand in but of course that will never happen. The Nomates Noeline's who want New Zealand to stay closed forever will be up in arms if this happens. The deal would help clear the log jam of approximately 40,000 Australians stranded overseas, boost tourism to Australia from Singaporean nationals – and third countries down the track – and kick-start the multibillion-dollar market for international students at Australian universities, which has been smashed by border closures. But when you have Kerre McIvor now coming out and eloquently explaining how stupid the current position is, you have to wonder just what the hell is the hold up? The decision at the moment is definitely not a medical one, it is a political