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Todd Muller Fast Becoming National's Prince Harry

I saw the article today on Todd Muller and was going to skip over it but it reminded me of another article I read about the same topic so initially thought it was a re-print, but no. Oh and another article. Another  Another Another  Another Another Todd Muller. Time to “move on Sweetie”. As Paula Bennett would say. In not ONE of these articles does Muller ever mention or acknowledge the possible adverse mental health concerns for Simon Bridges, his staff, his family or supporters, the time he rolled him. The man he rolled for less than nothing. Less than nothing as for months they have all had to read yet another “woe is me” article from Todd bloody Muller. Every reminder of that time in print, with Muller as some sort of applauded mental health superhero, re-victimises them.  Not ONE of these articles mentions the mental health of every person in Muller’s time in Jim Bolger’s office that he and Dick Griffin craftily would have rat fucked protecting their messiah James. An average man