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MIQ Spots Freeing Up Should Be Given To New Zealand Businesses

I am not talking about arranged marriaged Uber drivers/“language students”, but real workers that are so desperately required in New Zealand right now.  I am also talking about New Zealanders in New Zealand right now who need to travel for work....or to go and see dying relatives etc. Looking at MIQ allocations now there is plenty of free space April - June.  We can safely assume it is because those returning from Australia are delaying their trips now until the bubble opens. There should not be any spaces available right now. Government should have its act together enough not to release any of these to the general returning populous and give them ALL to New Zealand business for the next three months for employees they need to bring in.  Advertise that New Zealanders who need to travel overseas, now is your chance. Where has this publicity been through media? Then they should sell the remaining spots to the highest bidders and let in a few people who have real relationships and marriag