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The Guardian Says Labour Is Making Your Mental Health Worse

  Ouchy. New Zealand’s mental health system is “in crisis” and in worse shape now than four years ago, practitioners say – despite much-heralded government efforts to reform it and prioritise national wellbeing. Ouchy. Hurty feelings. When Ardern was leading her first election campaign in 2017, she made it a central election issue. Ouchy. Hurty feelings. Yet another broken promise. Andrew Campbell will be making a few calls..... The left appear to be shaking and stirred. In disarray it is claimed.    

So Once Again - Who Else Knew?

 Following on from yesterday, back in December 2019 I blogged the following questions: I want to know the following from journalists without the experience of any relationship with Brierley or his media minders and handlers: 1. Who tipped the authorities off in August?  Dirty.....where from? Why?  Motive?  Or was it an Apple shop employee? 2. Why would you possess "child pornography" when it is available online like everything else dirty, for streaming?  Carrying it across a jurisdiction is akin to Shane Jones watching pay per view porn when he should have just logged in to the wifi.  Like taking coal to Newcastle or coke to Colombia? 3. He is 82, who put it on his USB or "external drive"? Because I know of NO 82 year old who even understands what a USB stick or external drive is? For the hundreds of millions of dollars he is worth - who is or was protecting him? People of Sir Ron's wealth and age have an attache, butler or PA.  Moreso in Sydney than Auckland, t