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Sometimes It Just Takes An Establishment Middle Aged White Male .......

The media appear to have buried poor Kiri Allan already after her diagnosis of stage 3 cancer.  The writings have resembled OTT eulogies which is a bit ridiculous as she clearly is not dead yet.  Far from it. One such caught my eye as I was reading more about her: It was a chance encounter, while working at a bar in Auckland, that changed Allan’s path in life. Before that “university was not really on my radar”. Allan describes two men who would come into the bar, Grand Central on Ponsonby Rd in Auckland, where she was working in the early 2000s. ”And this guy would come into the bar once a month, and have these very flamboyant discussions. “Sometimes he'd bring in his friends that had studied at these very fancy universities like Harvard and Stanford. When you work in a bar, everyone's got a bit of a yarn, but you take it all with a bit of a grain of salt. “Anyway, this guy, he then started sending books to my bar from his work and enrolment packs to study law at Otago Univers