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New Zealand Women - Have A Cup Of Concrete

Most of you are happy to line up to do this at least once in your life regardless of your race, culture, background...often sexual orientation....... There is not a more invasive procedure, lacking often in dignity, than pushing the head and then body of a baby out of the minge with everyone in sundry watching, commenting and encouraging you to push harder. These days the husband sometimes even films it for you, just so you can remember how your body was punished. Yet have a cervical smear test? Really? That is a total doddle compared to what has happened to you above.  You need your hand held, another million or ten in funding, a political point made,  alternative commentary from a woman of every race just to keep up the sensitivity and a week of highly emo crap all over social media? For something the relative size and comfort of this...... Harden up.  No excuses actually means no excuses. If you are not getting a regular smear test, own total personal responsibility and admit it is