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Nanaia's Bird's Nest Word-Soup

Good grief.   The word-soup in this one is unbelievable to comprehend when English is your first language, let alone as the Chinese where it is not.  The muddling of metaphors is horrific and not some sort of genius so clever that you have to say it is, else look foolish.   It is not clever, it is incomprehensible garbage and batshit crazy.  Someone needs to tell the Empress quick smart that she is wearing no clothes.  This whole world that she and other self styled elite Maori live in as alleged "orators", reminds me of children with their own club rules speaking in gibberish on their play-fort.  It is not real, beautiful or that important to adults.  It is just petty, annoying and embarrassing when those up the tree are not children. Also, the whole thing is not even original to Mahuta.  Manying Ip wrote a book on it  in 2009. The media have not even managed a simple google of the words before gushing over it and falling at the feet of Mahuta in an attempt to line up their