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Covid Shows Why New Zealand Needs A One Passport Law

Today Jacinda Ardern did the smart thing.  Well done. She effectively temporarily created two classes of person in New Zealand with residency rights. Citizens, and; Those with residence rights. I am a New Zealand passport holder and citizen.  I hold no other passport.  After going through seven years in Hong Kong and proving I was not going to bring over my family and sponge off their limited welfare system,  I received a permanent residency card. I do not care much to have the card and would give it up if I had to and apply for more temporary work visas, which may happen if the Mainland yanks them when they wish.  I choose not to vote in their elections, I do not access any of  their public health, education or welfare system.  New Zealand allows people to hold dual passports.  Most western countries do.  We all know some tosser who claims to have three passports.  All for entirely selfish reasons of course due to welfare rights, ease of travel, access to something for free for them o