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Leighton Smith Podcast Proves Why NZ Politics Misses Richard Prebble

Richard Prebble is easily one of the most brilliant minds that New Zealanders have elected to Parliament. He is also a fabulous communicator with a gift of explaining the complex.  He has intergenerational institutional knowledge of Parliament and is as entertaining as they come. During his time in ACT you never talked when Prebble was speaking.  Primarily because he was just so fun and with it educated, but also arguing with him would have been bad for your health.  There was not a lot the guy didn't know and I never saw him lose an argument with anyone even if he didn’t.  Leighton Smith runs a class podcast so I always make a habit of playing them when out on a long walk if he has a good subject.  His recent one with Prebble is magnificent.  More so that unlike modern day podcasters and younger broadcasters, Smith knows when to STFU and just let the subject talk.  There is no butting in, no fast energy trying to monopolise the interview.   I don't remember what Smith said at