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"One Country Two Systems" - Would It Work In New Zealand As It Does For China?

I have been thinking about this and I am not against the idea of Maori having their own systems within New Zealand.   Maori make up around 17% of New Zealanders.  A certain large percentage of Maori are actually European as well which would dilute this figure dramatically in pre-PC war times and the Maori Affairs Amendment Act.  However apparently according to Maori activists demanding the continued victimhood of their Peoples, the European part of each Maori does not contribute to any of the negative social statistics for the label "Maori".  That in itself is extremely racist to attribute only the negative statistics to Maori and not the ratbag European relatives in the family tree. Judith Collins seems to have arisen this weekend against separatism.   But why? I say it is working currently for Mainland China isn't it? Deng Xiaoping would be proud that not only has Nanaia Mahuta embraced the Dragon, but she has brought along her own Taniwha to play with it. He Puapua t