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Getting Your "Big Girls" Pants On

Poor Kiri Allan has been having a hard time of it lately battling cancer. In politicising this with her friends linking her story to health access and race issues, she then copped some abuse directed at her online by mainly men who should behave better even if they feel provoked.  Allan posted some of those comments, to prove presumably what we already know - people when online make rude comments. However somehow Newshub managed to draw in other groups into a piece of clickbait for our viewing pleasure.   Of course all about race, because that is what their clickbait peddles.  What followed I have trouble believing: Selah Hart, chief executive of Auckland-based Māori public health group Hāpai Te Hauora, told The Hui on Monday the poor treatment Māori women receive makes it less likely they'll go back, even if it's for something critical. Even little things like names being pronounced incorrectly can erode trust in the health system. "When you take a step back and you unde