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No Point To Vaccination If Borders Are Not Open

As I sit here waiting for the world to get out from under its duvet I often have meaningless discussions with friends about whether to get vaccinated from the Chinaflu. They are meaningless as the vaccine is nowhere in sight for most of us.  This is what is holding up the New Zealand roll out.  Well that and general incompetency, but the physical vaccines are not in the country. For those of us who have looked after our own health, are not representing our country at sport, were not born near a World War or have any underlying conditions, we have been chucked to the back of the queue and told to wait and fend for ourselves.   Do not travel, wait 14 days in a hotel room, stay safe.  On one hand governments have told us to sit still for our own good then tried to scare us with - you may get Covid and die, fit healthy people can still get it.   On the other hand , no you are actually so strong you do not need to have your vaccine first.  Wait behind old people and others who are weaker w