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Will There Actually Be Any Sex In The City?

Good grief.  This happened today.  I am more triggered about it than anything in the Bludget. Sex And The City, one of the best TV shows in the history of the world has gone irretrievably woke.   I thought the original had enough diversity. There was a ginger, a shagger, a blonde and a goodie two shoes.  There were sleazy men, nice men. There were plenty of gay male storylines, fashion, horses, weddings, cocktails and one of the hottest actors of his generation in the very black, Blair Underwood. BUT NO this in 2021 is not enough. The three remaining characters possibly all going through menopause by now is not enough. They have to completely fuck the show with a rubber rabbit. We have to pretend that this character would ever be accepted into the circle of four. Ramirez will play Che Diaz, whom a press release described as “a nonbinary, queer stand-up comedian who hosts a podcast on which Carrie Bradshaw is regularly featured.” Che — who, like Ramirez, uses gender-neutral pronouns — w