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Maori Extremist Claims Debt Now Racist

  If you ever wish to read a more batshit crazy piss-take ever published in Stuff, boy do I have a winner for you.  Maori are now claiming debt is racist and it is all the colonisers fault. Read this slowly. It would be amusing if I did not think this person took herself seriously.  I cannot even start to break-down what she has spewed out here as the whole opinion piece is illiterate dribble.  Quelle surprise she is a contributor to The Spinoff. Jade Kake is an architectural designer, writer, and housing advocate based in Whangārei. Of Māori and Dutch descent, her tribal affiliations are Ngāpuhi, Te Whakatōhea and Te Arawa. That explains everything then. Must be her Dutch descent. If debt is a colonial construct, then perhaps Maori need to set-up their own banks/lending institutions to provide cash to their own people? This ground-breaking idea has never taken off as the many, many intelligent and educated Maori in charge of the nuts and bolts of distributing their own Iwi cash, when