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If We All "Identify" As Maori We Can Solve Health "Systemic Racism"!

 This is quite extraordinary Yes I will highlight this: Where people identify with more than one group, they are assigned in this order of priority: Māori, Pacific Peoples, Asian, and European/Other. So, if a person identifies as being Māori and New Zealand European, the person is counted as Māori. See Ethnicity Data Protocols for further information. Why? Why do Maori get a credit FIRST in line for every shit social statistic? To get to the pity and blame party first of course! Systemic racism does not exist. It is a lazy term doled out when there is no racism at all, just a lack of individual responsibility for outcomes by a certain group in the community. Amazingly all races with individual wealth from hard work and reward and/or those capable of exercising personal responsibility seem never to suffer it at all. Why is there an order of priority that means Maori are always first in line when the result of procreation with European, "Pacific Peoples", "Asian" or