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Save Our Oceans - But Only If It Is On Instagram

So I was doing laps of the beach today and came across the ubiquitous millennials all out and about Instagramming shots of sunsets and ships.  Glorious. I stopped when I heard a couple of backpacker looking types discussing this object. "Oh the plastics are killing the ocean life", "Look its polluting the beach so awful", "I will post it to my action site they need to clean up the beaches". "Oh its world ocean day yesterday as well" Then they walked on. I have had enough of this virtue signalling crap, so I took a photo of it for you so you can visualise the narrative. Then I copped them a gobful asking why if they cared so much that they did not just pick the bloody thing up and put it in the rubbish bin. No answer.  So they copped another gobful.  Included was a sub-part of how great disposable masks and plastics were during the time of the over-reaction of the world to Covid. So we really more than ever  relied on plastics for hygiene. They st