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NZ - Another Year Of Being A Hermit Island?

Future Strategy Manager? You are kidding? This is a link that should scare the living shit out of every business in New Zealand. If you ever want to see the future under Cindy's Kindy take a look at this job description.  Remember this is a 12 month contract which takes us to at least July 2022. The job description is obscene word-soup.  It is written for someone they already have in mind but have to advertise anyway. Read it. And weep. The only "future strategy" you should be managing in that job is to be REDUNDANT. If there was any Maia or Pae Kahurangi, then Jacinda Ardern would be Pono Me Te Tika so you could all be Mahi Tahi. There is not. Jacinda Ardern and her Lockdown Lunatics are too much of a Tautauwhea to get into the real world.