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Reposted - Anti-Vaxx Australasia - Your Time Is Up

That last post appears to have failed the blogger "hate speech" algorithm.  I didn't know you could do such to anti-vaxxers but I have reposted to satisfy the censor. While I have supported the whole stance so far. Libertarian bla bla. This is over. Get a vaccine you muppets. I am over it. You are all actually dumping on the lives of people who wish to be free. Get a vaccine or take your chance and die. I could not care less anymore.  When the bodies of unvaccinated persons line up in the morgue we should not worry one little bit. Media need to start reporting deaths as "unvaccinated". Cases the same way.  The fake news has become ridiculous, in Sydney an idiot replacing the otherwise competent Kerry Chant on her rare day off, had one job and stuffed it up.  Now it has become a conspiracy that everyone but one person was vaccinated in hospital.  He misspoke it was the other way round. Get vaccinated - you may get the Covid but you do not end up seriously ill or