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When Did Martyn Bradbury Become The Voice Of Sanity?

  Absolutely. The score sheet is being kept and not even for Crusher.  It will be hard, fast and ugly. It will be universal for whomever leads the soft centre National Party.  And as Martyn will realise as he is capable of some critical thinking - extremely well funded. I will make sure of that personally.  In my career I have found absolutely nothing pisses wealthy rich white men off more to make their pockets deeper than we ever thought possible than having a bunch of privileged multicoloured and gendered Socialists tell them they cannot say what they want without fear of imprisonment or criminal charges.  Comrades – we are the Left, we should be championing free speech, not repressing it! We can’t allow brittle millennial trigger culture to hand the State powers that history tells us will be used against us! Precisely. Forget double-double. It is up to triple-triple about now. Regimes move in cycles, while the left hold power now, eventually they will not.  Pass the laws you want to

Anti Vaxx Madness - Who Are These Morons?

  Having taken it up the comments chook elsewhere regarding ones now obvious pro-vaccination views, can I just add that AJ and PC (above) are both pro-vaccination. Never have I had more stupid feedback here and elsewhere than for the previous post.  Some of it was just immediately deletable. Sending me vitriol and a bunch of mad ass links to weird hippies after google searching with the butt slit of your asshole does not really impress me. Those still ranting about vaccinations in New Zealand need to look at the two most popular right wing commentators in Australia, both whom have far more followers than anyone of that ilk in New Zealand. Because sadly the religious anti-vaxx nut jobs tend to be aligned to “right wing” politics. It is very frustrating. As they are anything but. I do not want to delve into their minds to realise what they think.  You are looking like absolute fucking loons at this point.   New Zealand is a flea bit market in the vaccination stakes. When Alan Jones (some