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The Truth About Jacinda Ardern "Taking The Blanket" For Crusty Old Labour Unionists

Today Jacinda Ardern allowed a white with double red striped blanket to be chucked over herself in her apology to the Pacific Island community for the “dawn raids”. Good grief. Let’s roll that back and analyse what’s actually happened here. These are the pretty MSM shots. Started of course by the Labour Party and Norman Kirk. It was extraordinary but not for the reasons you were force fed by $55 million of taxpayer media funds.  Because if you listen to any Labour Party historian Big Norm was…..the second coming of Jesus. Chris Trotter will pike this history.  A picture tells a thousand words.I just cannot compute this. Was there not an adult in the room saying NO Jacinda please do not do this?!! I was aghast watching the footage. Because yes hello - I am not a sheep and can apply critical thinking to the astonishing day in (mis)history.  This is raw footage from people there online.   The double red stripes with the hoodie? Hmmm.... I’m not very fine about a Prime Minister representin