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Laurel Hubbard Proves Tougher Than Any Politically Activist Snowflake Sportsperson

It was never going to be much of a fairytale but I think Laurel Hubbard personally won a huge amount of fans for the way she competed in the womens weightlifting.  And her comments and poise after. Just imagine if she had been a brash American Democrat voting loon?  How much would have been about endorsements, movies, Hollywood and a rags to riches backstory of BS. A silly haircut, a silly mask, prancing around like you are on something? All those stories at this Olympics about athletes having mental breakdowns, not wanting to compete at certain times, complaints about the heat, covid, the beds and tantrums for getting on their knees, protesting political causes boring us to turn off..... NONE of these athletes would be going through what Hubbard has.  Being born and living as a man when you really believe you should be a woman.  Then stepping up on a world stage having many media promote you as some sort of circus freak for click bait as your fellow competitors spoke out against you.