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How Long Are We Going To Follow "Health Advice" Without Seeing It?

Every time a New Zealand or Australian lockdown is declared we are told that the Premier or the PM are "following the health advice". In each case - no one is allowed to actually see the bloody health advice just to you know, make sure the politicians are telling the truth.  We normally don't trust politicians to lie straight in their own beds, why would now be any different? Australian States are doing a damn good job confusing everyone as to what that this health advice may be.     Was it health advice? Or was it really just left-wing compliant political activism under the guise of science? By now even the least cynical of you should realise they have not got a clue what to do and are just making it up as they go along. In 20 years time we will have to explain to those younger than ourselves studying this time in history, why we let these people stop us from leaving our homes.  Those yet to be born will just look at New Zealanders and Australians, as I am now from afar,