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National Party Want To Treat NZ Citizens To A POINTS System

Today Chris Bishop promoted a points system for people needing MIQ. I just cannot believe this venus fly trap the terminally stupid TINO (Tory In Name Only) have walked into.  Stuff made this amusing faux pas on the pronouns. Snigger. - I am not a dowry wife in Mumbai waiting to get in to come and see my Uber driving husband in an arranged marriage in New Zealand so we can escape being “economic refugees” and bludge off welfare for families and never be net taxpayers. - I am not a student in Guangzhou with average grades waiting for an “English” course in Wakefield St looking to get my close family into New Zealand then to Chinatown in Sydney to see the rest of the extended family. - I’m definitely not a cousin of an owner of a restaurant in Queen St serving barely passable ethnic food  waiting for a visa to be exploited by a relative from my homeland to then have them busted by the Unite Union.  I only have a New Zealand passport, I will never have another one out of principle, I was