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Maori And Pacific Islanders Do Not Want The Jab - Make Them Take It

I have previously made a case for Covid vaccination to be compulsory for Maori and Pacific Islanders. This despite both groups being under-represented in Covid cases to date.  So I had a look at the latest vaccination statistics by ethnicity, a little bit more hidden they are now on the Health Ministry website. Oh dear.  You really can lead a horse to the water....... Maori (16.5% of the population) make up just 8.9% of first dose and 9.3% of second dose. Pacific Peoples (9% of the population) make up just 6% of first dose and 6.3% of second dose. Asians by comparison of minority groups make up 15.3% of the population and 15.6% of first dose and 15.4% of second dose. Here are the priority groups in New Zealand's vaccine rollout.  If you are Maori or Pacific Islander and do not qualify under these priority Group 1 or even 2, then you seriously lack imagination to find a qualifying class to demand a vaccine early from your local provider! The Ministry of Health doesn't seem to be