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Maori Playing Dumb v Golden Child

 On one hand it rolls from the scribble face village idiot: But the author of He Puapua, part Pakeha Claire Charters who I am afraid has at least 100 more IQ points than Debbie "Kerry" Packer will ever have, says the following: Claire has actually asked for a debate! Labour needs to in her words and I agree completely: 1. Explain its position 2. Salvage the situation  3. Start an educated and mature discussion. Still waiting bros and sisters from L for Labour. We know they want Charters to roll this out as she is the ONLY part Maori who could oh so eloquently explain the absolute BS that is He Puapua, but I so desperately want a Labour MP, any of them,  to put themselves up for this debate v Crusher, myself or actually anyone in the National Party. Anyone No-one,  Have a look at that committee that just said  yes to Charters, not a brain between them Yup. NOPE. Charters may be capable of a decent debate but off the bench it looks weaker than TJ Perenara when his wife tells hi

Where The Bloody Hell Are You Maori And PI?

Get vaccinated!  Everyone is eligible now.  Both ethnicities have been eligible forever but anyway..... Tens of billions of dollars of borrowed cash effectively from China has been spent propping up an economy on these vulnerable people to keep borders shut and tens of millions in order to encourage vaccination. Yeah, nah I am calling BS on that, no excuses it is on you now. An update to 19 August: Maori - 8.6% of first dose, 9.1% of second - 16.5% of the population. Pacific Islanders - 5.8% of first dose, 6.2% of second - 9% of the population Asians leading the way!  - 16% of first dose, 15.4% of second  - 15.3% of the population - GENIUSES.  They did not come down in the last shower.  I am calling BS on this Te Rōpū Whakakaupapa Urutā, the National Māori Pandemic Group, said the Government has failed to meet high Māori and Pasifika vaccination expectations because the Covid-19 response operates in a health system set up to benefit Pākehā . Yeah because "Asians" have such ba