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It Is Not Racism - It Is Frustration

  It is not clear how many these are but he said more than 100 people who were at the August 15 service at the church had turned up for testing. Pacific health expert Dr Colin Tukuitonga said the Māngere Assembly of God Church cluster could turn into New Zealand’s largest cluster, after more than 500 people attended an event on August 15. The service was a combined rally, attended by more than 500 people, and involved several other churches. “It is a big risk, and the low immunisation rate is not good either.” South Auckland councillor Efeso Collins said members of the church had since been subjected to online abuse and racism.  If Pacific Islanders turned up to get vaccinated with as much exuberance as they do for church, the issue would be solved. Personally, I would rather get fully vaccinated again than sit through a day at a church service. Having a covid outbreak from one event is not their fault. Having poor vaccination rates by this stage in the piece however - actually is. Esp