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Hendy Wrong - Yet Again - The Emperor Is Wearing No Clothes

This is getting beyond a joke. Tea leaf reader  Panic merchant modeller Shaun Hendy is once again getting away with Ken Moon style predictions with no opposition whatsoever. Right through this Covid Theatre, Shaun Hendy has been consistently wrong.  The media keep going back to him for his predictions. If he was working for you in the private sector and you based commercial decisions on his accuracy, you would have long fired him as a danger to the balance sheet. He is now fake news.   And this is how tame media from the Ninth Floor paid media in Stuff and RNZ let him explain away his utter BS.     Just like a broken clock is right two times a day, Hendy seems to float in and out of predictions with gay abandon. Professor Shaun Hendy, who is a Covid-19 modeller at the University of Auckland, said the current size of the outbreak far exceeded his initial calculations. "Exceeded his initial calculations".  Yes in other words in the modelling world he is WRONG. He said most of t

Biles, Osaka And Meghan Markle Should Be Watching The Paralympics

In contrast to the zillionaire sob stories we have endured as sports and cultural fans lately it is refreshing to read about people showing up who have real problems in life not just ones of their own making in their head. The Paralympics is the event.  Read up on it here. There is even a refugee Paralympic team! The best thing about the Paralympics is reading the background about how each of the athletes ended up with their disability.  For many of them it is remarkable they are even alive let alone competing in sports. Our first gold medallist was h it by a car at age 2. Neiufi, who is of Tongan descent, was just two years old when she was hit by a speeding car. It resulted in left-sided hemiplegia, meaning she has paralysis on the left side of her body. She started swimming when she was eight and quickly showed her ability in the pool This Vietnamese American woman's father suicide bombed her and her mother. He grabs his 14-month-old daughter, who is completely oblivious to the

Maori Minister Cannot Convince Maori People To Get Jab - Cause It Is Racist

Good lord I cannot start the weekend with yet another rant about how much these muppets in Maoridom really are just taking the sauce out of everyone. How much longer do we have to put up with this? Peeni Henare has answered his own question as to why Maori have such a low vaccine uptake so far -  Henare said the low numbers were not for lack of trying.  ‘‘I travelled the country to continue to promote the vaccine amongst our people,’’ he said.  ‘‘For whatever reason, our people didn’t come forward to get the vaccine. Maybe they just DO NOT TRUST YOU.  Or maybe as I have discussed before, they just cannot be bothered turning up not once but twice at a pre-prepared time.   Henare is a Maori Minister In a record large Maori caucus and cabinet In a majority left wing government in the friendliest regime they have ever had towards woke ideas and victim identity politics. If they cannot get Maori as leaders of Maori to turn up for a vaccine, the epic fail is on them.  Not even the Ministry o