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Panic Sets In - Will The Ardern Ego Ever End?

Sunday Sermon messaging - panic!!! "Everyone needs to act and behave as if they have Covid," said Ardern. But they DO NOT. Outside of Auckland and Wellington THERE IS NO COVID. Outside of Auckland and Wellington the people are just getting on with their lives.  Vigilant pro-Ardern followers I know are already ignoring the hype and getting on with it. Michael Baker says cases are plateauing Grant Robertson her Deputy, says NZ will have more vaccinated than any country in the WORLD. Righto. Ardern keeps claiming she's "deeply disturbed" at the very few hospital cases. Stable but "deeply concerning".  So yeah what about every other hospital case in there "stable" (which means in public health medico speak - should almost be at home so more urgent cases can take the bed). Is Ardern "deeply concerned" about them as well? Can we just remind you all of this from January 2020 where New Zealander of the Year and revered Science communicator